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April 1, 2011

Lusty Lezzies

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Girl with hot, wet pussy, in super-fly patent leather boots, scissors our hero between her legs in one serious wrestling-leg-hold. Plus, tons of face-sitting!


March 31, 2011

Big Ass BBW Laszlone

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Mature BBW Laszlone does a striptease in front of a younger guy to lure him into lending her his dick Click here to watch this gallery


The Perfect Titty Trap

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Our hero gets to bury his face in a pair of perfect titties! He’s smothered (for a long fucking time) with ass and pussy! Is there anything better? No!

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March 30, 2011

Sadie Berry: Tits, Tugs & Throat

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Meet a beautiful and built new arrival to XLGirls.com you will go nuts over! Sadie Berry is her name. She’s berry, berry sexy. This is the very first time that Sadie has modeled. She’s from Detroit, Michigan, home of Janet Jade. Sadie has a job working with numbers and her own numbers add up to a perfect figure. ”I just love to watch porn,” Sadie says. “Especially group sex videos. I would love to be with a girl, especially Daphne Rosen. I’d love to have hardcore, strap-on sex with a girl with big boobs. I’ve made out with a few girls but just a lot of kissing, boob-squeezing and drunk action. I masturbate a lot. I usually just use lube and my fingers on my clit with a porn DVD on. A lot of guys don’t realize that girls do what guys do because most girls just don’t talk about it but we do. Guys think that girls find porn gross but that’s not true. Some do but a lot of girls love to watch porn and cum.” For her first time, Sadie wanted to try breast-sex and cock sucking. She’s berry natural with a camera and a man’s cock! Don’t miss the video. That’s all we gotta say. Welcome to the big show, Sadie Berry!


March 29, 2011

Hard Fucked Fatty Carina Lusitana

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Big tit plumper Carina Lusitana gets down on the floor for a hard fucking Click here to watch this gallery


Melissa Collins and Dick Nasty

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In this white on black interracial flick, massive titty hooker Melissa Collins gets nailed by redneck Dick Nasty. Outside his rugged shack, Cock wolf whistles as he sees slutty Melissa strutting her stuff. He lifts up her top and starts to suck on those huge natural boobs – look at those fucking oversize cannons! Then he pushes the dirty tart down on her knees and sticks his white dickhead in her mouth, watching in satisfaction as she slurps it down to the balls. Next, Weiner lays the dirty bitch out on a hay bale, spreading her legs and penetrating her ebony hooker coochie with his prick. He inserts away at that tight muff until he’s ready to spurt.


March 28, 2011

Kizzy Kum

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kizzy is all dressed up in her sexiest skirt and bright red heels. With a dark veil covering her shoulder-length blonde hair she looks seductively mysterious. Slowly undressing, she reveals two beautiful melons that are only slightly droopy. The minx pulls up her miniskirt, uncovering the fact that she has no lingerie on underneath her sheer ebony stockings-scandalous! Wearing only her pantyhose and her scarlet stilettos, she starts fingering herself through the silky fabric, her juicy beaver juice seeping through. Holding the burning end of a cigarette to her crotch she burns a hole in the tights, then rips them apart so she can play with her cunt.


Chase This Chesty Chick

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Some girls make you chase them around, spending money, complimenting them, taking them on dates, buying them gifts, and then just when you think you are going to get some, they shaft you and won’t put out. Those are the kind of bitches who will get your cock hard and then tell you they’ve had a great night and that’s that. You won’t even get a pity blow job or hand job from these cocktease bitches because they claim they aren’t that type of girl. Well thank God that Soleil is not that type of girl. Sure Soleil wants you to chase her around…the yard. You see, she is wearing a tiny bikini and she wants you to run after her so she can show you how her bounteous bosoms bounce when she is in action mode. She wants to flash you the goods and get you worked up, because she only wants to have at you when your cock is nice and hard. And when Soleil is warmed up from all that running, she is going to tug and tit fuck your cock and beg for you to smear your sauce on her rack. So forget those other hard-to-get bitches and get with Soleil. In this world full of uncertainty, don’t you need some something that gives you a sense of security? Guess what? Soleil is a sure thing.


March 27, 2011

Fat Blonde Outdoor Knobbed

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Cock greedy BBW Cynthia playing with her massive bazooms while humping a rock hard cock Click here to watch this gallery


Vivacious Voluptuousity

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What the guys say about Victoria Lane (who can only be found in TSG sites and magazines): “I have loved all of her pictorials and thought that she was a lock for Newcomer of the Year until y’all unveiled the modern marvel that is Karina Hart. She has a great set of boobs, plump sexy ass, a smooth womanly body, and a beautiful face. I look forward to much more from Victoria in the future.”-Dave. Victoria’s favorite hobbies are shopping, reading, sex and masturbating. “I love to use a vibrator and a vibrating dildo at the same time while I watch porn,” Victoria confesses. “I also like to watch porn before and during sex!” You’ve got to worship and respect a woman like this!